Hydrosols - Pure Waters from nature!

Our Himalayan Mists are pure waters from plants. When oil is extracted through steam distillation, we get two products- oil and hydrosol.
Hydrosol is the water content of the plant. This water contains the fragrance and properties of the plant it comes from. 
Generally, mists are made by mixing essential oil in water but here at 'Genie in a Bottle' we feel that there is no need to do so when we naturally can get a mist from nature without touching or mixing it. 
 Hydrosols have many uses but we'd like to introduce them to you as Face & Body Mists.
 Their aromas are often soft and subtle when compared to their essential oil counterpart. 
They are excellent toners.
They can be added to the bath, steam or sauna.
They can be used as a light cologne - body and hair spray.
They can also be used as aftershave, toner,  room freshener, pet freshener, foot spray, linen freshener, substitute for house cleaner, car freshener, for purification, calming etc.
They can also be used to steam iron leaving clothes fresh and fragrant.
Hydrosols are just magical waters from Nature!

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