Brief Historical Oil Practices

The purpose of oil is not only for medicinal purposes but is also believed as a Godly part of nature, which plays an integral role in the spiritual, wisdom and philosophical outlook.
Across the world, too Essential Oils have served different purposes such as
The Romans were known for lavishly applying perfumed oil to their bodies bedding and clothes
              It was also customary for the Romans to use oils in massage and baths
Egyptians used balms, perfumed oils, scented barks, resins, spices and aromatic vinegars in everyday life.
Nature works best on nature
‘Genie in a Bottle’ proposes to use the essential plant oils for their nature of use, to be packaged and sold as Essential Oils, Body Oils, Hydrosols, Face Oils, Bath Oils, Diffuser Oils, etc.

What we believe in!

Essential Oils have numerous varieties and uses. The right oil can be quite beneficial in a cause.
The use of chemical based formulas can be replaced with the use of basic essential elements from the earth, which can heal the mind and body along with cleansing the system.
With our oils, their usage and benefits- we propose to spread the awareness and knowledge of essential oils and their benefits.
Our oil mostly comes from Himachal and is 100% pure. We propagate the use of natural oils over chemical based solutions.
 Oils can heal us on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. When we use them for Aromatherapy we are indulging our senses in the mystical aura of these oils, which imbibes one within itself like a healing womb.
Oils are so impressive that they even work differently on our moods, it can calm one down, refresh someone, fire up someone with energy, relaxes the body while the brain is active, relaxes the brain while the body is active, some oils are aphrodisiac, some are to soothe one in an ailment.
They work really deeply into our system.
Even when we look at our chakra system, different essential oils are preferred to invigorate the practice and help open up the chakras. Oils help us in  meditation, yoga, focus and strength.
Taking a journey in to the world of oils is like taking a step towards opening up and connecting with nature. Open up, bloom, connect and nuture each other!

Who we are

We are two wandering souls who chose to leave the city lights for the Moonlight.
In our journey of reconnecting with nature and exploring the long forgotten art of aromatic healing, we understood the enormous potential of these enchanting essences.
There is nothing better than to share this bounty of nature, so we started collecting, bottling and bringing them out for you!
We have just started out to connect back with where we belong, join in the journey our friends and lets reap the benefits of what is gifted to us by Mother Nature itself. Peace & Love.
We operate 'Genie in a Bottle' as a subsidary of 'Moonshine Madness' which is a collaborative of an art studio and a cafe & lounge in Bir, Himachal Pradesh. You can visit us any time by cliking on the map in our website. Hope to see you soon!