Bug Away 100 ML

  • Bug Away

    Bug Away

100 ml / 1,770

Bug Away 100 ML This formulation is a fantastic one to carry with you when out on treks, jungles, adventures, beaches. Wherever you go, you will find flies, bugs, mosquitoes, plants that give you rashes etc. etc. This is one magic potion that’ll solve all these problems. It helps keeps bugs, flies, and mosquitoes away. You can apply it directly on the skin for protection from bites or you could also use it to sooth the irritation after a bite or a rash. It can be used for aromatherapy; can be used in diffuser in a very small quantity, as it’s very strong oil. Its fragrance is high on lemongrass, which is a fantastic repellent. It can also be mixed in water and used as an air freshener and even a household cleaner. Advisory: Keep in a dark and cool place/ Keep away from pets & children/ Pregnant women please consult doctor before usage/ Keep away from eyes/ Flammable